At Rubin Brothers, Inc., we are dedicated to manufacturing quality clothing that is 100% made in America by union workers. Our line-up includes everything from t-shirts to fleece, as well as jackets to thermals. We are a family-owned and operated clothing manufacturer that has made a conscious decision to keep our operations in the United States of America, so we can offer our community quality clothing without sacrificing jobs to save money.

We work with unions all over the country and organizations to provide personalized uniforms and clothing with the ability to do direct embroidery and screen printing. We utilize the latest technology to provide our customers with a much higher quality product than our foreign competition without an enormous price tag. Customers are pleased to discover that we can deliver products faster and only pay slightly more than a foreign product would cost.

We work with local fire departments, government agencies, and other organizations to supply the uniforms, jackets, and other clothing items that you need for your employees. Please take a moment to view our online catalog and contact us with any questions or custom needs that you might have.

Rubin Brothers, Inc. Union Strong & Making America Great One Stitch At A Time